Bespoke training courses

We listen to you, assess your training needs and personalise each course to meet your specific requirements.

Broadcast camera

Broadcast media training

Training is provided in our fully operational, television and radio studios and on location, to simulate real-life broadcasting situations such as TV, radio, on location, pre-recorded and live studio:

  • TV interview training
  • Radio interview training
  • Pre-recorded interview training
  • On location interview training

Your session will cover:

  • Realistic interview scenarios in a risk-free environment
  • How to exploit the power of the media
  • The essential questions you should ask
  • How journalists think and what they are looking for
  • Building and refining effective messages
  • Turn your core message into a soundbite
  • Tactics to help you communicate succinctly
  • Addressing the most difficult questions
  • How to inject energy into your voice
  • How to make the most of the interview
  • The importance of body language for TV
  • Dealing with nerves
  • Practical issues such as how to cope with an earpiece
  • Feedback on technique in order to hone your skills
Boardroom discussion

Crisis management training

With our expert training delivered by seasoned broadcast journalists, your bespoke crisis management course will help equip you with all the tools for real-life interviews and on-location scenarios.

  • One-to-one or small group
  • Completely focused on your crisis
  • Acquiring essential information
  • Taking urgent calls from the press and dealing with interview requests
  • Case studies of good and bad interviews in a crisis situation
  • How to cope with being door-stepped if a journalist turns up uninvited
  • How to stop a crisis turning into a PR disaster
  • How to develop your messages in a crisis
  • Interview tactics to avoid falling into a journalist’s trap
  • How to deal with ‘on’ and ‘off’ the record
  • Turning a negative into a positive
  • Managing your teams
  • The aftermath – assessing your reaction to a crisis
Mobile phone

Digital media training

More and more, companies are using podcasts, vodcasts and streaming media to speak directly to their customers and stakeholders. Whether used to promote your annual results or as a reaction to negative news, the use of digital media is a great way to reach your audience while ensuring your message is heard in full.

Our training, in our contemporary, well-equipped production suite, will help you successfully learn how to record and produce podcasts and vodcasts. You will work with our experienced and professional crew to produce your own digital media, and learn how to host and deliver your podcast or vodcast.

Podcast training

Writing a podcast and then delivering it in front of a microphone can be intimidating. We cover a range of skills in our training, from preparation to delivery:

  • Writing for the ear
  • Vocal delivery
  • Refining your message
  • Using podcast software

Vodcast training

Everything covered in Podcast Training plus:

  • Pre-recorded vodcast creation
  • Live vodcast streaming

One-to-one coaching

We provide media training for CEOs, directors and senior managers as well as entrepreneurs, celebrities and politicians. Choose from either of the following packages, or we can create a bespoke session to meet your personal requirements.

Director level training

Everything covered in Broadcast Training plus:

  • Sole attention of a trainer on a one-to-one basis
  • Identification and refinement of a personal narrative for you and/or your organisation
  • Coaching in advance of a specific interview
  • Training on how to become a regular commentator

Intensive coaching

Everything covered in Broadcast Training plus:

  • Brush up your media skills and take them to the next level
  • Review recent interviews and sharpen performance
  • Test a story or messages against current issues or a changing environment
  • How to undertake a media tour successfully
Press Conference Lighting

Public relations training

Effective press relations can generate free publicity, increase brand awareness and improve sales and profitability. We will show you how to promote your message or product and equip you with the skills you need to manage your own PR.

Press conference training

  • Planning the conference
  • Pre-conference organisation
  • Managing the conference on the day
  • Post-conference evaluation

Press release training

  • Identify news stories and feature ideas with an interesting angle
  • Approach journalists and target the right person on a publication
  • Write an effective press release
  • Deal with adverse publicity
  • Develop a sustainable relationship with the media
  • Form a PR strategy that really works

Proactive public relations training

The emphasis is on being proactive and helping you understand the potential news value within your organisation. We will help you with ‘creating the news’ – turning everyday activities into newsworthy stories, campaigns and copy.

  • Identify positive news and feature opportunities
  • Develop a PR plan and strategy
  • Get leadership team ‘buy-in’
  • Assess the needs of a campaign
  • Work out objectives
  • Measure results
  • Handle media enquiries
  • Make effective ‘media sell-in’ calls to journalists
  • Brief spokespeople prior to media interviews
  • Improve proactive communication of your achievements
Presentation Training

Presentation training

Public speaking training

Public speaking skills enable you to connect skilfully and eloquently with an audience and we can help you by building a bespoke public speaking workshop for your company. If you would like to lead each time you speak, and are serious about developing yourself to present with greater clarity and purpose, our public speaking workshop would be perfect for you.

Presentation training

Making a presentation is often cited as one of the things people dread the most. Our training will help remove much of the nerves and fear associated with making a presentation.

Your session will cover:

  • Identifying the objectives
  • Creating the structure
  • Compelling visuals
  • Helping you look and sound confident and professional
  • Filming your presentation to enable constructive feedback and advice
  • How to use techniques to overcome self-consciousness
  • Overcome performance nerves

Case study

Ali Bell

Ali Bell
Head of PR and Communications Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation

What do you do?

Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation reduces reoffending and protects the public by managing offenders on Community Orders or on licence.

Why did you come to Creative Media?

There is a great deal of media attention on offenders and how they are managed. Probation was described as ‘the quiet man of the Criminal Justice System’ and there is a lack of knowledge regarding what we do. In addition, we are currently restructuring and merging into a larger area – this means the Head of Probation in each district will be answerable to the public and will be doing more media.

What training did you receive?

A tailored one-day course in broadcast news media, including radio, pre-recorded TV and live TV interviews delivered to our district Heads of Probation.

What did you get out of it?

It was extremely helpful for my staff to be in a real studio situation for the first time. The trainer was great – she gave them quite a difficult time, which is just how it would be in reality. They received a good grounding in what to expect, which certainly built their confidence. In addition, as Head of PR I was able to identify which staff came across well over broadcast media, so I shall be exploiting them for future media opportunities.