Media Training Worldwide Needs Improvement


The 2016 Training Survey by marketing consultancy ID Comms found that media training within brands is not good enough. Only 9.4% of advertisers and agencies worldwide felt that current media programmes were satisfactory. 60% of the people surveyed blamed the absence of media training on lack of money or time.

So why is this so worrying? Why are media skills so important and why is it crucial for an organisation to invest in media training?

Its very simple. If your organisation wants to be well-known, then you need to be seen and heard in the media on a regular basis. At the same time, journalists are always looking for a story - however they don't always worry whether it's good news or bad! So your job is not just to get yourself into the press, but also to ensure that you get your story across in a way that is positive, clear and engaging.

How to do this? Very few people are naturally gifted at press interviews. This is where media training plays a vital role. High-quality media training will help you to discover how to speak in a way that has impact. Your words, tone and body language can all be honed to build confidence and effectiveness. A professional trainer will teach you how to define your key messages and deliver them in a powerful manner.

Furthermore, one of the trickiest things to cope with in an interview is a "curveball" - a question you are not expecting. Media training is particularly useful in growing your ability to give a great answer to a difficult question. Another hazard is being misquoted - again, a media expert will ensure you are able to deliver your responses with utmost clarity.

Above all, successful media training will help you to control a TV or radio interview. Even though you are still the one being questioned, you will be able to maintain composure, deliver your messages and generate the outcome you require.

Creative Media deliver world-class Media Training services - "stimulating training expertly delivered by experienced broadcast journalists". Whether you're breaking good news or trying to deal with a negative backlash, it is essential for you to know how to work successfully with the media. Profile raising and helping an organisation to stand out require the ability to generate excellent coverage. Whether you are a blue chip chief executive, high-profile doctor or charity press officer, to shine you need to hone reactive media management into strategic business communication.